Law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws in the universe which is based on your thoughts and feelings and it influences your life through them. It is also the law of creation as creation is always happening in the universe. Through this law you can attract anything you want into your life by holding the thoughts of what you want.


In the universe there is always creation and law of attraction is the source of creation, and there is no source of destruction. The law of attraction is completely aligned with the universe and in fact, the law of attraction is the powerful force that helps you to align with the universe itself. The universe is full of possibilities and before achieving anything in this universe you need to fully understand the law of attraction and how this law brings infinite possibilities from the universe into your life.


It is very important for you to align yourself with the universe because this is what law of attraction is all about. You must completely connect yourself with the universe and then begin your day. From the place of alignment only you can achieve your dreams. Those people who are not getting what they want and are frustrated then that signifies that such people are out of alignment with the universe. In order to be in alignment with the universe you must feel good because whenever you are feeling good and happy then you are in sync with the universe and you will also attract harmonious people, circumstances and events that will help you further in the alignment. Feeling good is the essence of your life and that is what you came forth into this physical world as it was your desire to come into your physical experience to live your life in this planet. All the other creations of the nature like animals, plants, soils and minerals are all connected with the universe. Now you have understood that how powerful the connection is between the law of attraction and the universe.

Following are the 3 effective techniques of the law of attraction through which you can align yourself with the universe:


  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the oldest and the most effective technique to align yourself with the universe. This technique is what ancient Buddhist monks and priest used to practice in their time. Meditation is very helpful in connecting yourself with nature. To start this technique sit in a quiet place, it might be your own personal room or if not then it would be great to find any garden or any natural place where there is silence. Close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing and then imagine a ray of light coming from the sky and going to enter in your head and then connecting you and your body with all of your surroundings and then you will begin to feel the calm and peacefulness. All the negative thoughts begin to release out from your mind and you will feel empty. Once you get into this point of feeling peace then you have been connected with this infinite nature.

  1. Always activate your chakras

Chakras are the energy levels of your body where energy is produced and stored. There are 7 chakras of your body and you are required to activate each of your chakras and fill them with energy in order to raise your vibration and connect yourself with nature. This technique is very strong and powerful, you must activate your chakras daily in order to see positive results in every aspect of your life. For activating the chakras all you need to do is to find a quiet place, closing your eyes and start taking deep breaths slowly and calmly. Then feel the energy entering from the ground to your 7th chakra that is the root chakra and gradually feel the energy transferring one by one to each of your chakras and when the energy reach to your crown chakra then feel the energy spreading all around you and creating a circle of pure energy surrounding you. And as it surrounds you feel the circle of pure energy connects you with the universe and then open your eyes and you will feel the essence of your being.

  1. Look for positive aspects only

If you want to be in alignment with the universe always look for positive aspects in your life. You are meant to live the life of your dreams and you cannot achieve your dreams unless you get into the alignment with the universe.  If your mind gets stuck with negative thoughts then remove your attention from the things you do not want and focus on the things you want. Always move forward and look for the things you can do to make your life rich.


Everything in this universe is under the influence of the law of attraction that aligns everything without exception. And so, in order to be in sync with the universe you have to feel satisfaction and joy with the wonderful journey of your life. And always look for positive aspects of your life. Meditate daily to align yourself with the nature and also clean up your chakras to raise your energy levels so that you can live with more goodness and well-being in your life. You can only live your life fully unless you are in alignment. Always look for the positive things and the things you want. Remove your attention from the negative things and the things that don’t feel good. There is no end for the possibilities, the universe always and always will be expanding and you will always be evolving and there is only the source of creation in the universe. Life is the flowing river and you need to go with the flow in order to make all the achievements in your physical reality.

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