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Established in 2020, here at Manifestationiq we strive to help our readers manifest their dreams and wishes to fruition, and to liberate themselves from the negativity vibes and chains that have been setting them back for a long time, by implementing the law of attraction and positive affirmations to their self-improvement journey and making the first step to have a life that they’ve always dreamed of yet never took action to obtain.

From the law of attraction to self-love and healing affirmations, we’ll encourage you to manifest your ideas into success, because we believe that it’s always within reach as long as you trust your intuition.


Our primary goal is to enable you to feel positive, capable, and worthy by providing you with guides and articles that will clear your vision and path.  

We genuinely believe that people are powerful, competent, resilient, and wired for success, and it is our goal is to aid those people no matter where they’re from, or what they specialize in to see a bigger picture when it comes to the manifestation of those ideas, and help them realize the potential of the law of attraction.

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