How to raise your vibration

The Definitive Guide To Raise Your Vibration +Positive Vibration Quotes [2020]

If you want to discover the secrets of personal happiness – start working on it! Since we know thateverything in the universe comprises energy vibrating at different frequencies, we know that we are emitting all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibrations even at this moment. Have you been in balance with yourself lately? Have things stagnated in certain areas of your life? How can you raise your vibration to one that flows with high energy, love, and light? Energy powers our body,…

Love Affirmation

120 Love Affirmations That Will Help You Win in 2020

When you’re in your early adulthood life with a thriving career and a pretty good pay check, you can’t really help but still feel incomplete without a love life. Because to be honest, having an intimate relationship with someone makes life so much more fun. And the bottom line is, being lonely sucks! Not just because it gets boring, but because constantly being alone causes depression, a high risk for diseases such as stroke,substance abuse; to name a few. If it’s something that you…

Morning Affirmations

120 Morning Affirmations For You To KICK-START Your Day!

If you’re in the loop with the spiritual world and if you practice mindfulness every now and then, then you’ve probably heard about morning affirmations. As the name suggests, affirmations are basically wording out things into existence. It revolves around the belief that when you affirm something, it turns into reality. Other benefits of affirmations include awareness of your thoughts, laser focus, being more appreciative of life and generally, a better outlook. Thus, if there’s a time to do this, it should be in…

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