Meditation is one of the most powerful practice that is being practiced during the ancient times by the monks in different civilizations. Meditation enables you to raise your higher consciousness level and bring peace and calm within your inner self. Meditation can also be used for manifestation in order to make your desires take place into your reality. This meditation is known as manifestation meditation. As far as the law of attraction is concerned manifestation meditation can be the most effective tool in manifesting anything you want without exception.


Before starting meditation for manifesting your dreams the first step is to quiet your mind, which means you need to stop the momentum of all of your thoughts and get into the place of calmness and peace. There are several ways for quieting the mind, one of the ways that most people find it easy is deep breathing. Take 3 long deep breaths one by one and while inhaling feel that the pure positive energy going inside your body and mind and keeping them relaxed and releasing all the negative thoughts and stress out of your mind.

Once you entered the complete state of calmness and relaxation now it is the time to decide what you want to manifest in your life. Hold a clear and complete picture of your desire in your mind and start focusing on how it you would feel when you have your desire in reality. You would might begin to jump in excitement that you are with your desire being fulfilled. Bring all of your attention and energy to your desire. After you focus on your desire you have brought the feeling of being with your desire, so visualize for 10 minutes or more having your desire and using it in your life. Make it a present moment by believing that whatever you are visualizing about your desire is the actual reality and it is what that is now going on. Keep enjoying your desire through visualization and hold that feeling as long as you can, feeling inspired with your desire.

Come out of the meditation and you will begin to feel the difference in your vibration and feelings and that sets the powerful attraction to your desire. You will feel energized and the power and you would really want to take some action for your desire and this is the point where the law of attraction pushes you to the direction of your desire and to take certain actions, so then go forward and take action practically and then gradually you will start experiencing people and circumstances helping to achieve your desire.


Affirmations play effective role in manifesting any desire. The most powerful technique for affirmations is to say positive words repeatedly while meditating because in the state of meditation the subconscious mind becomes highly active in receiving the thoughts and words for the manifestation process in other words there is no sort of mental resistance in the mind and during this the mind emits alpha waves which are the most strongest brain waves, helping in the manifestation process. Use positive affirmations for example “I am so happy that I am the creator of my own reality and I can do, be, or have anything I want in my life” or you can say “I am very grateful that whatever the desire I think about becomes my reality”. Use them repeatedly unless you begin to feel the empowerment of having your desire. And when you feel empowerment then you are in the place of manifestation of your deepest desire.


In manifestation being patient is mandatory. You cannot achieve your desire if you are consistently worried that why it is not being manifested into your physical experience. This is especially where most of the people do mistakes. You must get out of the feeling of when and how it will be shown up. You got to stay patient, and allow the manifestation to do work on its way. Being patient actually doesn’t mean to wait but it means to allow your desire to come to you without being panicked and confused that when it would come.


Make manifestation meditation a habit in your daily life. It would be very life changing if you start doing it twice a day next for 30 days. This will bring a massive change in almost all the aspects of your life. You can do it while after you wake up in the morning and secondly before going to bed at night when you sleep. It is not a long process and you have to only spend half an hour a day. And when you are totally get into it by daily practice with satisfaction it would become even easier for you and you can do it properly within a small time. The positive thoughts will become dominant in your mind and all the negative energies such as stress, anxiety and frustration would become diminished or even be vanished from your emotional state. Through the power of manifestation meditation you can manifest anything you want whether it is a job or house or money or a perfect partner you can bring into your experience no matter what it is that you are wanting.


Beside manifestation meditate it is very important that you maintain your emotions and always feel good and relaxed because when you are feeling good you are in a perfect alignment with any of your desire and all good things will flow into your experience easily. Always be optimistic and persistent with your desire when manifesting and you do not need to rush for your desire, simply let it and allow it to show to you. In fact, meditation is the process of allowing your desire to manifest gradually. Always set up your routine for practicing manifestation meditation and you will soon be able to develop a habitual environment where you can boost the manifestation of your deepest desires and make your manifestation even faster.

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