There are two parts of your being. One is what you suggest most of the time as physical being but there is another part of your being that is the non-physical and it is called as your inner-being or soul. Your inner-being is the most important part of yours and it works in creating the intention in order to manifest your reality. And that is what spiritual manifestation is all about.


Before practicing spiritual manifestation there are few things that are necessary to know regarding the mistakes that people do in it. The first thing is that most people don’t build up so much faith in them that they will manifest what they desire. The trust is the only major role that plays in allowing the manifestation to happen so in order to do spiritual manifestation one should be aware that he must believe what he is going to manifest with all his heart. The second mistake is about beating the drum of how and when they will get their desire manifested completely. You cannot successfully manifest anything while worrying about that how and when it will take place into the physical. It’s the universe’s own part that how to bring it and it will deliver you on the right timings, you must have patience in manifesting your most valuable desires.


So now, you have got the point of understanding of your mistakes in spiritual manifestation and how to tackle them. Let’s start with mastering the spiritual manifestation. Following are the 5 easy steps through which you can master spiritual manifestation:

Step#1 Remove all limiting beliefs

The first step is about removing all your limiting beliefs and mental blockages which means you got to be more optimistic for mastering spiritual manifestation. Your mind must conceive that you can do, be or have anything you want. And manifesting greater things must be easy for you and it will only happen when you allow yourself to be. You should be focused more on creating major changes in your life.

Step#2 Practice spiritual manifestation

By daily practicing spiritual manifestation you will begin to raise your consciousness and you will experience enormous change in your daily life. This will also improve your intuition. You will get to know that how manifestation really work and how easy it is to manifest your desires.

Step#3 Experiencing spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is the awareness of self and it is the consciousness of your higher-self. If you have ever experienced spiritual awakening you might have felt the energy moving through your body and you begin to have the solution of all your problems for a while and you are feeling enlightened. This is the place from where you deeply go to understand the law of attraction and you get to know who you are. It is very important to experience spiritual awakening for mastering spiritual manifestation as you are the getting into the core of your being.

Step#4 Start saying mantras

Master your spiritual manifestation by saying the mantras to help your mind keep going into the flow of your enlightened consciousness. Through this you can energetically shift into your higher state of being very easily and you will get to notice that your manifestation working even faster. For example use the mantras like (“I am going tremendously great into my spiritual manifestation and things are highly supportive in my life”). In this way you will always be persistent in spiritual manifestation.

Step#5 Get into the alignment with your creator

This step is very compulsory and it is the main point where you connect with your creator or source. You have to utilize more of your time in your own guidance system and seek knowledge from it because all the spiritual masters seek guidance through it while moving towards their journey. And in this step you have to be in alignment most of the time, the source is always responding to your life so get into the sync with it and also try your best to follow your own guidance and as you do that you will move to the advance levels of your consciousness where you will master the manifestation.

Prayer will also help you to do so, if you start praying and asking about the things you want from your source then your source will bring it to you from the places you don’t believe. Create a perfect timing for practicing this alignment.


The mastery in spiritual manifestation is highly inspiring and motivating if you have read different books on the great spiritual teachers of the past, they used the same processes of alignment and kept strong faith for mastering it. The removing of false beliefs that you hold most of the time is required prior to practicing spiritual manifestation because these are barriers you need to cross as you move towards manifestation. After removing the block of thoughts allow the manifestation to work by keeping faith in yourself. Everything in which you want the mastery you to have practice it daily, practice the spiritual manifestation by starting it for manifesting the things you want. There are some other spiritual techniques that you can learn in order to be in the circle of manifestation, some of the techniques are energy healing, visualization, gratitude and using talismans. You can practice manifestation through these spiritual techniques and gain a lot knowledge and awareness. When you involve yourself in these modes of spirituality then you also have greater experiences in spiritual awakening and the rise of your wisdom. Mantras are also the sources of manifestation and if you are using them in your manifestation then they are something very influential. Mastering alignment is essential for spiritual manifestation as you can only manifest your dreams when you are aligned with your source and so, daily meditation will help you and can also guide you for both the alignment and the spiritual manifestation. This is how you will understand the spiritual manifestation and mastering it to create your dreams into reality.

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