Everything in this universe is under the influence of different universal laws. These laws are also known as the natural laws that work precisely without flaws. And these laws are eternal and limitless. Such as the law of gravity, it works for every person or thing constantly and perfectly. But there is another universal law that is the basis of everything that mankind ever think about and it’s the most powerful and everlasting law in the universe that most of us are not aware of it. It is only based on our thoughts and feelings and it is the “Law of attraction”.

What is the secret?

The law of attraction is called as the secret of life that influences on each person’s life depending on what the person think about all the time during his daily routine. The law of attraction states that “what we think about most of the time whether it is a positive thought or a negative thought we attract and experience into our physical life as a reality.” For example, if a person as a student worried about his exam preparation and is not feeling good while thinking about that he might could get failed to pass the exam then he is more likely to attract circumstances and events that would cause more trouble and anxiety which would entirely change his view about exams negatively and as a result he will experience failure not only in his examination but also in other aspects of his life. Because he started focusing on failure and then that created a feeling of worrisome within his being which later brought it into his experience.

This is the how the law of attraction works on every one of us. This secret enables us providing the complete authority and influence in our own lives. As our thoughts matter most and as they are in complete control of ourselves we can completely change our lives by changing the way we think. We can do, be or have anything we want into our lives by using this powerful universal law of attraction. We all are created from energy and our mind is the only tool that controls the flow of energy. Everything in the universe is nothing but an energy and the law of attraction works with energy. Whatever we are directing our thoughts to we are also directing energy to it.

How to apply the law of attraction?

Law Of Attraction steps

The law of attraction is the most powerful law of the universe and can be applied very simply, it doesn’t matter who you are and where you are. Following are the steps for applying the law of attraction in any area of your life:



The first step for applying the law of attraction is to get completely cleared what you are looking for in other words what you are wanting to attract in your life. It might be a large amount of money or a beautiful house or even much greater achievement or success in your job, just choose any one thing you are very much interested in. Once you clarified what you want with confirmation then you have completed the first step.



Now, as you have decided what you want now it’s time to work on the second step. This step is the most important step and is the basis of all the three steps. For this step all you have to do is to truly believe that what you have asked for is already there. Let the universal forces manage it and deliver it to you. You just need to believe that it is present even though it is not but you must act like it is manifested in your life already. Try your best to bring the feelings of having it now. You would feel extremely happy for having what you want. As you are completely satisfied with your feelings that you have it, it means you are on a complete track of your desire. This step is also known as the step of allowing your desire to be manifested.



After you have believed that your desire is already manifested then all you have to do is to feel good. Be happy and continue with your day. When you are feeling good you are tuned with your desire. In this step always find a good feeling thought to maintain your vibration and in this way your frequency matches with your desire. You have to be completely focused on having your desire with you. Don’t sort out how and when it will manifest. Just be happy that you have it and it will manifest soon into physical form.

Practical Applications:

There are several powerful practices for using the law of attraction in your daily life which will help you in making even greater success and prosperity in your life. Following are the most effective applications:


Feeling grateful is the most important thing while manifesting your desire as this would boost your vibration even more. Law of attraction won’t work unless you are grateful for what you already have. No matter how cheaper and small the things you already have you need to be grateful. The easy way to practice gratitude is to list all the things you have on a piece of paper and say it loudly for each thing (“I am very grateful that I have ______”) and then write the name of that thing you are grateful for. Daily write 5 things you are grateful for and take at least 5 minutes to focus on it so that your vibration begin to rise


Every single thought comes with a picture and that is what imagination or visualization is. Visualization is amongst the most powerful processes. Whatever you achieve or manifest in your life there is a mental movie of that thing before having it. If you are willing to go for a picnic with your friends then before that time the combination of pictures and scenes begin to create in your mind, visualization is the same what you see in your mind. In order to manifest anything start visualization by closing your eyes for at least 10 minutes and visualize achieving what you want. Feel it while seeing it in your mind as it is real and also see yourself being happy and enjoying your desire. This would gradually move your consciousness to your desire and you will be amazed to see it manifested. Visualization will help you boost your manifestation. What you are imagining right now will be your upcoming experience.


The law of attraction is the secret of life. Once you unlock this secret it brings eternal joy and freedom in your life. In order to apply the law of attraction you need to clearly decide what you want and focus on it with unseen faith that you will have it and go with your day feeling good and happy. List of the things you are grateful for daily and feel the gratitude of having it. As you wake up in the morning before going to work just visualize for 10 minutes all the aspects of your day going in the way you want and you are pleased with everything. And then start your day faithfully, and you will begin to notice the things working out for you positively. Mind has unlimited possibilities and ways and once you believe and expect the possibilities the law of attraction gradually responds and bring them out for you into your reality and your work is to believe and move forward in life with feeling good.

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