When you read the word “visualization” you might be thinking that it is related to the word “visual” which means “imagery”. That is what you see through your mind’s eye including images and colors in it. Visualization is a multi-dimensional tool through which you use your imagination to focus on the goals you want to achieve. Whenever you decide to do something you first visualize it in your mind and then move forward to take actions. Any physical action is impossible to be performed without visualization. As we are spiritual beings in this planet we first use our non-physical abilities before using our physical senses in other words we use our thoughts and images before doing any action physically. The process in which we use our thoughts and images is what visualization is.


Law of attraction is the basis of all processes. If you are using law of attraction along with visualization it would work more tremendously to attract what you want in your life. It will also help you in reprogramming your mind and gaining inspiration from your desire and you will be energetically ready to act for achieving your goals. Law of attraction visualization is a very interesting and exciting tool as it provide you with never-ending motivation and inspiration.


There are different strategies for using visualization and it is up to you that how much effectively you are using visualization tools which depends upon how good you are feeling with your own strategy. After practicing visualization you can learn and use 3 best visualization techniques given below:

  1. Using vision board technique

A vision board is very helpful in visualizing your dream, through this board you can easily boost the manifestation. To start vison board technique all you need to do is to buy a small board and stick the picture of your desire on it. If you are good in art you can also draw the picture of what you want on a piece of paper and stick it on your vision board. After placing the picture you can hang it on the place where you can often see it, it might be the door of your room or a cupboard. Now you have created and hanged the vision board so whenever your attention is attracted towards the vision board you need to focus on the picture of your desire on the board for several minutes and connect yourself with the desire by feeling as you are having it now in your life and then visualize being with that desire. Do this exercises whenever you remember while walking towards the vision board.

  1. Gratitude visualization technique

Gratitude visualization technique can boost your emotional state and the manifestation and help in visualizing your desires. To start with this technique first of all look for the things you already have and list them on the paper or a notebook or you can also take some time visualizing those things one by one that you have. Focus on each one for at least 1 minute and feel the gratitude in your heart. Be grateful for the things you have and do this exercise once a day. This will shift your consciousness into abundance and you will start attracting the things you want. When you are grateful for the things you have then law of attraction must manifest the things you desire into your physical reality.

  1. Use mental movie technique

For using the mental movie technique you must clarify that what circumstances you want to attract in your life. For example, if you are wanting to attract an event in which you set up a party with your friends, make a mental movie of that event by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself enjoying the party with your friends as long as you can. Feel the joy of having time with your friends and make it more vivid as it is real in your mind until you completely get the satisfaction, do this technique twice a day and you will powerfully unleash the power of visualization which will not only create your reality but will also improve your vision.


Wealth is one of the most important part of our life. It allows you to enjoy the luxurious life. If you want to be a millionaire you have to fill your mind with thoughts and images of wealth as the millionaires do. If you want to start a business then you must have to visualization setting up your business and having the business mindset. In order to attract wealth you must start using affirmations while visualizing wealth. Take a note book and write at least 5 positive affirmations that you can affirm daily and repeat them until you feel great.


Law of attraction visualization not only boost your manifestation but also help you to reprogram your mind. This practice improves your visualization and imagination. The best thing is to start your day with visualization which would bring major changes in all the areas of your life.  Bring the power of influence in your life and create the things you want into your experiences through the law of attraction visualization. Be grateful for what you have and daily set the time for imagining the things you already have in your life and feel the gratitude. Start gathering the images of your desires and focus on them consistently to bring the things you deserve. Be aware of the pre-dominant thoughts of your mind as you visualize and find out those thoughts that come more often. These thoughts and the mental scenes are the key to manifest your desire. Play a mental movie of any event you want to attract as long as you can and bring the feeling of joy into action and you will begin to find more related thoughts and images in your mind that will help you more in visualizing.

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