Vision Board Ideas [2020]

vision board examples

Vision board is simply a visualization and embodiment of your specific goals. Apart from the fact that the way of making a vision board is very fun and allows you to express your creativity, in this way you will make your goals physically present before your eyes, which will motivate you to strive for them daily. Our subconscious mind works with images and reacts to them much more strongly than to words. That is why the vision board is an effective tool. By looking at it daily, our subconscious will regularly remind us that we believe in what we have written and that we are working to achieve our goals.

What do the law of attraction and the vision board have to do with each other?

The law of attraction says that every thought or feeling we feel attracts the same thoughts or feelings. If we think positively, we will attract positive thoughts. On the other hand, if we think negatively, we will also attract negatively. We are simply attracted to what we think. If we arrange positive goals and desires on the vision board, then it is the daily look at it that will arouse positive feelings in us again. And they will, according to the law of attraction, attract those positive situations, people or conditions that we wish for.

How to make a vision board?

The process of creating a goal board can be most simply divided into a mental and a practical part. One does not go without the other.

Take Time To Dedicate Yourself​

In peace, think about what you want to achieve in the future on a private / business / social level. What are your health goals? Family? Travel? Finance? Housing issue? Personal growth? These are just some examples that will encourage you to think about what you would like to accomplish. The first step to creating a really good vision board is to sit alone with your thoughts, paper, and pencil, to set clear goals in front of you regarding any segment of your life in the future. When you think well about your vision of a happy future and concretize the desired goals on paper, it’s time to create a vision!

IMPORTANT: do not place on the vision board what you do not want to achieve, but clear, concrete positive wishes. Besides, general desires have no place on the wish list either. Ask yourself what specifically does happiness mean to you? If you are happy when you are healthy, then write on the vision board what you will do to stay healthy (change your diet, for example).

Start searching for pictures and materials you will need

Now it’s the turn to carry out the practical part. Get cardboard, needles or glue, scissors, and magazines. Look in magazines for pictures of what you want to achieve (if you want to see yourself on the cover of a magazine one day, take the cover and stick your picture over it; if you  plan to write a book, you can make a book cover with your name and print it; if you dream of traveling to Japan, look for some nice picture of the Japanese city and cut it out…). Everything you can’t find in magazines, find on the Internet and print out.Arrange pictures or texts on the board however you like.

You must spend a good time and have fun creating a vision board. In this way, you will raise your mood and vibrations and attract positive energy and hope towards you

Find a good place for your board

The last task is no less important. All previous actions are in vain if the board ends up in the closet or behind the door. Find a place where you will put it or hang it, with it in sight every day. Perhaps the best spots are in the bedroom, so the first thing you will see in the morning and evening will be your wishes.

What if you prefer technology more?

If you are not a person who likes to stick and cut pictures from the magazine, we have a solution for you too.After you are done with thinking what you want to achieve, make a pinboard on Pinterest or search for ideas,and then arrange all the pictures that will on your’s phone lock screen. The effect is the same, and since the phone is a big part of our lives today, you will see your wishes more often and encourage yourself to turn them into reality.

Vision board examples

Job example

You want to have a job that allows you to travel the world, create inspirational content, and educate people about the different adventures, experiences, and changes that travel brings. You want to work with creative and passionate people, who love their job. You attend conferences and training where your participation is paid.
Your vision board ideas should be based on the main points you wish: look for pictures of the cities you want to visit, conference rooms full of different and interesting people, even post your picture where you are happy or smiling, to make it easier for you to imagine yourself in such an environment.

Social life example

Your friends are the support and reliance you can always count on. Your family is your refuge and safe zone.You see people who fill you with energy, inspire you, and with whom you can have deep conversations.
Spend time in nature, sports, and entertainment activities (cards, associations, karaoke, dance).
For a vision board example like this, look for pictures that will describe your emotions, look for places you want to visit with your friends and family, and activities you would like to enjoy with them. Visualization also includes thinking about how you would feel at certain moments, so that can also help you make a choice.

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